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Hepa Filters >  Magna 600, 800, & 900 Series

Magna 600, 800, & 900 Series
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Magna 600, 800, & 900 Series
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Glasfloss Magna ASHRAE Series filters are designed to meet exact specifications in medium to high efficiency commercial or industrial applications. ASHRAE efficiency ranges include 600 Series: 60-65%, 800 Series: 80-85%, 900 Series: 90-95%. Glasfloss Magna ASHRAE filters are produced in a wide range of sizes, frame types and header combinations and are ideal for converting or upgrading existing systems. High Efficiency Glass Microfiber Heavy-duty 3/4" Particleboard or Galvanized Metal Frames Sealed Media Pack Optional 1/4" Thick Gasketing High Capacity and High Temperature Filters Available