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Fine Mesh Grade Commercial Filters
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Fine Mesh Grade Commercial Filters

(Patented) Includes: Fine Mesh with Fiber Reinforced Outer Binding and Choice of Durable, Quick Release Nylon Toggle or Twist Lock Fasteners or, Self-tapping Screws with Bonded Washers.  Ideal For: Machine Motor Air Intake Housings and HVAC Systems (e.g., spot cooler condenser coils, fan motors, etc). Not Recommended for use in regions with heavy cottonwood seed unless also accompanied by excessive high dust. Refer to Dual-Ply Filters if equipment is subject to impact by extensive dust and cottonwood seed.

This product is protected under one or more of the following U.S. and foreign patents: 5,370,722 • 5,529,593 • 6,197,077 B1 • 2170244 • 95904185.6-2113 • 7,323,028 • 7,416,577 • Other Patents Pending.