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Slide Mount Filter System
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Slide Mount Filter System

(Patent Pending) Includes: Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Filter, Hardware and Cable Mounting Assembly. This Filter Slides Like A Curtain and includes Velcro Bundle Straps To Hold Filters Neatly Bundle to the Side During Storage Periods. Ideal For: Medium and Large Tonnage Air Cooled Chillers and Condensers up to 8ft. high and small to mid size cooling towers The new slide mount filter system mounts quickly & easily to cooling towers, chillers, louvers and other HVAC equipment. Mounts to your equipment by mounting cable above and below the intake opening; Filters attach to the cable top and bottom using spring hooks. Filter is secured vertically using self-tapping stud adapters that hold filter in position. During the off-season, filter folds-up and is protected using a vinyl storage cover and is ready to go in the spring. Easy Filter Mounting Method Attach eye-bolts in upper left and right and lower left and right corners. Attach cable to the eye-bolts Fasten filter to the cable using snap hooks Fasten cable support hooks as needed to support cable Secure vertical edges by attaching self-tapping stud adapters. Note: Roller Hooks and Track also available for higher air intake openings. Vinyl Storage Covers mount to the flange and protects filter during the storage season Filter quickly sets-up for the season by simply opening the protective cover and pulling the filter across the intake opening Filters can be produced to cover single or multiple cells.

This product is protected under one or more of the following U.S. and foreign patents: 5,370,722 • 5,529,593 • 6,197,077 B1 • 2170244 • 95904185.6-2113 • 7,323,028 • 7,416,577 • Other Patents Pending.