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Standard Duty Filters
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Standard Duty Filters

(Patented) Includes: Standard Duty Commercial Mesh, Standard Fiber Reinforced Outer Binding and Choice of Standard Duty, Quick Release Nylon Toggle Fasteners, Self-tapping Screws & Bonded Washers or Nylon Zip Ties. Ideal For: use on all condenser and chiller coils, Louvers and air handling units. Extraordinary low static pressure impact at low and high air volume & velocities

This product is protected under one or more of the following U.S. and foreign patents: 5,370,722 • 5,529,593 • 6,197,077 B1 • 2170244 • 95904185.6-2113 • 7,323,028 • 7,416,577 • Other Patents Pending.