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UV Monitor-Modular Radiometer System
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UV Monitor-Modular Radiometer System

The UV Monitor is a modular radiometer system designed to meet the needs of Steril-Aire customers looking for an affordable, versatile and powerful product for UV measurement in air applications. The UV Monitor measures irradiance in both µW/cm2 and user-defined pre-set percentage, functions usually found together only in much more expensive models. The modular design of the UV Monitor system allows use of mix-and-match components to meet the needs of the customer. Applications -Monitors UV output in commercial, industrial, institutional or residential air handling systems - especially suited to large or critical applications. -Also monitors UV light to assure continuous surface decontamination in food processing and cleanroom applications. -Allows UV tube changeout at optimum intervals, for maximum economy with no compromise in performance. -Sensor designs for applications up to 20,000 microwatts/cm2.   Benefits -Provides unsurpassed affordability and performance, with multiple product configurations to meet the precise needs of the customer. -Monitors output in both µW/cm2 and user- defined preset percentage. -Single Logic Display can independently interrogate multiple sensors. -NIST traceable calibration resides within the sensor for ease of recalibration. Only the Sensor is needed for recalibration service, allowing the rest of the network to remain intact. -The Logic Controller provides easy-to-read visual indication of the relative power of the UV lamp output. Controller may also be used with the display to provide data on the absolute power output of the lamps in µW/cm2. -The Logic Controller is easily connected to third-party HVAC building management system or PLC's providing lamp-monitoring data as a 4-20 mA output and is classified as an ISA compliant Non-Isolated 3U device.