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UVC Kit for 61" Emitters
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UVC Kit for 61" Emitters

Steril-Aire's proven UVC technology is packaged into a convenient kit designed for air handlers with coils over 62". - Improved operating efficiency resulting in energy savings -Eliminates costly, disruptive cleaning programs -Delivers up to 6 times the output of competitive UVC products -Quick return on investment, often less than one year -Ideal for condensing environments -Installs quickly, easily and safely The Steril-Aire UVC Kit for 61" Emitters™ delivers energy savings and improved indoor air quality to retrofit units and maintains factory design efficiency on new units. It is ideal for medium and large air handler units with coils over 62", typically found in commercial and industrial applications. Installed across the cooling coil, the high output UVC energy eliminates biofilm. Steril-Aire's UVC delivers the longest-lasting, most reliable germicidal performance. It has been independently tested to deliver up to 6 times the output of other ultraviolet devices under HVAC conditions. The UVC Kit for 61" Emitters includes a 110-277 V power supply with two Spring Clips for mounting and drip-proof connectors for installation in condensing environments.