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Z-Line® Series ZXP and HXP Pleated Filters
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Z-Line® Series ZXP and HXP Pleated Filters

The Glasfloss Z-Line Series ZXP and HXP self-supported pleated filters offer MERV 8 efficiency with superior durability and low pressure drop.  The Z-Line Series features a uniform 100% synthetic, self-supporting media design that achieves a MERV 8 per the ANSI/ASHRAE 52.2 Test Standard.  The Z-Line pleated filters are 100% incinerable since there are no metal parts used within the construction.  The Z-Line ZXP and HXP incorporate exclusive double wall internal torsion box technology.  The pleated filters can withstand greater abuse in shipping and handling due to the absence of metal component parts as well as the durable self-supporting filtration design.  The Z-Line self-supporting pleated filters offer excellent performance and value for a large array of applications.  The Z-Line ZXP and HXP filters are environmentally friendly and have less impact on landfills.